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Intensive Driving Courses in the Lake District

Lake District Intensive Driving Courses.

At Lake District Intensive Driving all our courses are designed to meet for your specific requirements and are extremely flexible.

Our intensive driving courses and semi-intensive driving courses (also known as crash driving courses) can be for learning to drive, preparing / retaking a driving test, refresher driver tuition and advanced driver training.

All driving lessons are for you only (no car sharing!) and can be for one to five days depending on your objectives and driving ability.

Daily intensive driving courses are appropriate for people from the local area around Kendal, Lancaster, Barrow, Ulverston and Morecambe Bay as well a Preston, Manchester, Liverpool and other towns in the North West. Residential courses are appropriate to those from further away such as London and Birmingham.

Learning to drive, preparing for test at the Heysham or Kendal Test Centre, refresher and advanced driver training!
Wherever you live
- locally in Lancaster, Morecambe, Carnforth, Kendal, Kirkby Lonsdale, Barrow, Ulverston or Milnthorpe
- in the North West such as Liverpool, MManchester or Preston
- or as far away as Cardiff, Birmiingham, Glasgow or London
whatever your requirements might be, we are sure to arrange a suitable intensive driving course and ensure you get the most out of your driving lessons.

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Getting Behind The Wheel and Learning to Drive Intensive Driving Courses

Learning to drive, whether you live locally in
- Kendal, Lancaster, Morecambe
Carnforth, Milnthorpe
or Kirkby Lonsdale

or as far away as
- London, Birmingham or other
part of the country:

you can learn to drive on one of our intense driving courses

You can start as an absolute beginner who has never sat in the driver's seat before and become a reasonable driver in five days by learning to drive on an intense basis.

If you want to learn to drive but are put off by the crowded roads and aggressive driving where you live, then the Lake District offers a more peaceful area to start.

In one or two days you would be able to 'break the ice' and acquire sufficient confidence to return home to continue learning in your own town / city.

Alternatively you can take more days intensive driver training with the aim of
- reaching the DSA test standard
- master one or more driving skillss
- or improve your overall confidence.
When you have passed the DSA Theory Test you would be able to apply for your practical driving test.

You will find useful links on the Frequently Asked Questions page to the DSA and Department of Transport websites for the Theory Test and Practical Driving Tes.

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Practical DSA Driving Test Preparation Intensive Driving Coursest.

If you have already had some driving experience and passed the DSA Theory Test, within five days intensive driving you could take your driving test.

Those with a reasonable amount of driving experience and ability could take one or two days intense driver training to get ready for their driving test.

For someone who has taken a driving test and wants to prepare for a retest can take a one, two or three days intensive driving course depending on the amount of help envisaged.

Often student drivers find that the only way to prepare for a driving test is to concentrate on driver training for an intense short period immediately before taking the practical driving test.

We use the DSA Test Centrs at Kendal, Barrow and Heysham for driving tests, as both are conveniently located.

Kendal has a variety of roads from country lanes to a dual-carriageway.

Heysham which is on the Morecambe Bay links to Lancaster and Morecambe and allows you to experience a sea-front, residential and urban roads.

Our approach is to teach you to drive and also to pass your driving test.

Preparation and attention to detail are the key factors for passing your driving test - we leave nothing to chance.

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Refresher Driver Tuition and Advanced Driving Training Courses

Our Refresher Driver Tuition intensive driving courses provide the opportunity to regain the confidence you might have lost in your driving.

This may have come from long periods away from driving or simply seeing today’s drivers as more aggressive and impatient.

Refresher driving courses can really help reintroduce you to your driving and get the most out of it.

Advanced Driver Training intensive courses are aimed at experience drivers who want to get up to date with best driving practice.

These can be also to obtain the DSA Pass Plus Certificate or membership of the Institute of Advanced Motorists.

Whether you reside locally in Lancaster, Kendal, Morecambe, Milnthorpe, Carnforth, Barrow, Ulverston or Kirkby Lonsdale or come from further away in the North West such as Liverpool, Manchester or Preston or even from as far away as Birmingham, Cardiff, Glasgow or London........

.............then Lake District Intensive Driving has an intensive driving course for you..

Thanks for reading.
Chris Lansdowne

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